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DV Lottery Family Application Rules

One of the main concerns about the DV Lottery is the nuances related to family members. Here, you’ll get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Green Card lottery family applications.

What family members can move with me to the U.S. if I win the Green Card?

If you are selected as a DV Lottery winner, your spouse and children below 21 will automatically also get a Green Card and be able to move with you to the U.S.
If you have children aged 21 and above, they must file their own application.

Can spouses submit separate Green Card Lottery entries?

Yes, both you and your spouse can participate in the DV program separately. As spouses of DV Lottery winners also get a Green Card and can move to the US, doing this practically "doubles" your chances of winning.

Can minors under 21 and their parents apply for DV Lottery separately?

Officially, there is no minimum age for application. Practically, the application depends on the education level. Since minors usually do not have a sufficient level of education, their entries are often disqualified. Read more about education level needed for the DV Lottery here:
Parents must include all children below the age of 21 in their application. In turn, children below 21 but above 18 may file for their own entry, given that they have finished high school.

Do I need to submit children's and spouses’ photos for the DV Lottery application?

Yes, you must submit the photos of everyone under your application (spouse and children below 21 years of age). They also need to fulfill the DV lottery photo requirements:

Do I need to include my children over 21 in my DV Lottery entry?

No, you do not have to. In fact, DV Lottery application entries only include your children below 21. Children aged 21 and above must file their own application.

How can you take your parents to the U.S. if you win the Green Card?

If you win the lottery, your parents do not automatically receive Green Cards in the same program as you. However, this does not mean that getting your parents to the US is impossible.
After you arrive in the US, go through the naturalization process and become an American citizen, you will be able to sponsor your parents for family-based Green Cards. It usually takes at least five years to change from resident to citizenship status in the United States.

Marriage after DV Lottery winning. Can newlyweds move to the U.S. together?

If you get married after you get notified of your DV Lottery win, you may be able to get your spouse a Green Card and move together to the U.S. To do this, you must marry before you submit your DS-260 form and schedule the visa interview. This is so that you can include your spouse on the form. More info on Completing The DS-260 Application Form here:
What if you have married while waiting for an interview, after filing your DS-260 form? Then you can email the visa center and ask to unblock your application. Add your spouse's information to the application form and indicate your new marital status. Attach a scan of your marriage certificate to the request for unblocking.
Prepare for detailed questioning at the interview: the consul will need to ensure your marriage is not fictitious.
If you get married after the interview, there is still a chance to live in the U.S. together. However, your spouse will not automatically get a Green Card: you must go through a standard family immigration process. For this, a DV Lottery winner must move to the U.S., get resident status and file an immigration visa petition for their spouse.

Must all family members undergo a diversity visa interview after winning?

Yes, all family members listed in your winning application must attend the interview at the embassy to get the Green Card. A medical exam is also required for everyone. Passing Medical Exam for a Green Card:

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