Author 2020-06-28

Passing Medical Exam for a Green Card

Each winner of the DV Lottery (including children) must undergo a medical examination before the Green Card interview at an embassy. It is carried out worldwide by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).
The US is not willing to accept knowingly ill or incurable migrants. At least because it will not benefit the country, and some diseases are simply dangerous for others. It does not matter whether the migrant is invited by a local employer or has won the Green Card Lottery.
To pass the examination, you need to visit a clinic accredited by the U.S. Embassy, which is provided with technical and organizational support by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). A convenient date should be scheduled 10-14 days in advance, through the online appointment system at or by e-mail at The applicant will be informed of the necessary tests and the time frame for obtaining the results.

Documents needed for medical examination

The applicant must carry: (*) 2 photographs 3x4; (*) Passport; (*) Invitation to an interview and case registration number; (*) Certificate of inoculation. If you don’t have one, you should get an antibody test done in advance.
You can get 3x4 photos at online.

What is included into inspection

Upon arrival at IOM, an administrator will collect all necessary documents and issue a questionnaire to fill in.
You will need to show your certificate of inoculation. The list of necessary vaccines: varicella, hemophilic infection type B, hepatitis B, influenza, diphtheria, rubella, pertussis, measles, pneumococcus, polio, tetanus, epidemic mumps.
If you do not have any vaccination required for your age group, you can make it right in the medical center.
If you have medical contraindications for vaccinations, you'll need to prove it with a certificate. Anti-vaccination beliefs are not supported by IOM and are not a reason for missed vaccinations.
The medical also includes: (*) blood testing; (*) fluorography; (*) therapeutic examination.
After that, all you have to do is take the results.

How much does the examination cost?

It varies depending on the location, provider and vaccinations needed. Different applicants report paying between $100 and $500 USD. $200 is an average price.

Who will not get a Green Card for medical reasons?

There is a list of diseases which do not allow you to get an immigrant visa. Markings about them on the medical records will be grounds for refusal. Some of these diseases will suffice to be cured, while others, once carried, will close the way to the United States forever. So, an applicant can forget about the visa if he is currently diagnosed with: (*) SARS pneumonia; (*) Open forms of tuberculosis; (*) Leprosy; (*) Lymphogranulomatosis; (*) Inguinal granuloma; (*) Gonorrhea; (*) Syphilis in the infectious stage; (*) Chancroid.
People who have ever been registered as addicted to alcohol or drug addiction will also not be able to obtain immigration visas.
Record in a psychiatric hospital only affects visa applications if the diagnosis contains social danger.
Don’t forget to bring the results of the examination to the interview!

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