Author 2019-09-12

5 steps of the Green Card Lottery process

As you already know, DV Lottery applications are only accepted online via a special form on the official website of the US Department of State Online DV Lottery registration is a rather fast and secure process that you are required to use. There are 5 simple steps you need to follow if you want to take part in the Green Card Lottery.

1. Check if you qualify for the Diversity Visa Lottery

We have collected some tools that will help you quickly and easily find out whether you meet the requirements of the lottery.
(a) Check if your country is it eligible for the DV Lottery here: .
(b) Check if your education level meets the requirements here: .
(c) Check if your job meets the requirements here: .

2. Make a correct photo online

Here is a proper online service for it: .

3. Carefully fill in the lottery form and submit the photo

If you have any questions about filling the form, you can find all the answers in our FAQ We recommend to look it through before applying. Apply at .

4. Get the confirmation number and save it.

You will get it when you submit the lottery form and all fields of it are OK.

5. Check on-line if you have won the Lottery on the official website

The site where you need to check it is the same: .
Hopefully, these simple instructions will help you. Remember, if you do any of these steps incorrectly, then your chance to win the Lottery will be gone.

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