Author 2019-08-27

All about work experience needed for the DV Lottery

If you realize that you do not qualify by education, which options do you have? If you have two or more years work experience in certain occupations, then you can be eligibile. But this method is more difficult, because the decision on your eligibility will depend on consular officers, and will be based on the proof you can give at the interview. Get ready to convince them that you meet the requirements. Read more.

What are the work requirements for the Green Card Lottery?

As we mentioned already at it must be a 2-year experience over the past 5 years in a job that meets the standards described in the O*Net database. Your occupation must be in the zone 4 or 5 with Specific Vocational Preparation (SPV) rating not less than 7.0. Generally, jobs in this category require a higher level of education or skills. Unfortunately, not all of occupations meet those criteria.

How to check your job?

You can find your occupation on the O*Net database web site or use the list that we have collected at There are only qualifying jobs, so if you don’t find your job in the list, it is most likely does not qualify.
If your job qualifies, the next thing you need to do is to think how to prepare for the interview at a US consulate. As you already know this way is harder, and you should prove your professional experience. We recommend to collect job offers, employment letters, promotion letters and so on, prepare a description of your daily work duties, details of any vocational training or education, and examples of your work's product if possible.
We hope this information has brought in some clarity and you can both fill out the Lottery form correctly and also prepare for an interview. Don’t forget that you can also train completing the DV Lottery form here whenever you want.

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