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How can a Kenyan thrive in the USA through the Diversity Visa program?

The Diversity Visa lottery entry period is now open. Now people all over the world have a real opportunity to move to the USA without a job offer, relatives living there or investment. But if you are born in Kenya, your chances are even higher compared to participants born in most other countries. How is that possible? Let us find out.

The total number of selectees born in Kenya is high both in number and in percentage

Are you born in Kenya? This increases your chances to be selected in the Green Card lottery. In the DV lottery 2024, 3,760 Kenyans were selected for the immigration interview, and on average, there are 2090 selectees. It is about 7% of all Diversity visas as the total number of them is 55 000.
Kenya is in the 15 top countries with the highest total number of selectees. This makes submitting the form worth the shot.
Other countries have significantly lower numbers of total selected as for one country there can be only 100, 200 or 300 selectees. These are countries like Mali, Tanzania, Angola, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Rwanda or Senegal.
And this year no passport data is required in the form!

How to be an immigrant in the USA? Kenyan-born songwriter J.S. Ondara who won the DV lottery will tell

Songwriter J.S. Ondara is a 31-year-old Kenyan who lives in the USA. He is a permanent resident with a green card. How did he get one? He won it in the green card lottery in 2013.
He was born in Nairobi in 1992. Living in Kenya, he used to listen to rock music on his sister’s battery-operated radio. His family could not buy him a musical instrument. So after relocating to Minneapolis, he taught himself how to play guitar and started performing at open mic nights and small venues. In 2019, Ondara received a Grammy Award nomination for his debut album, "Tales of America", in the Best Africana Album category.
In 2022, he became the winner of the International Songwriting Competition (ISC). He also won $50,000. The song that won the contest is called "An Alien In Minneapolis".
His songs are about how to live in the USA as an immigrant. There is even a Wikipedia article on him!
So it all started when he filled in the DV lottery form at the age of 19. Use your chance today too.

How to submit your entry for the DV lottery if you are born in Kenya?

Actually, this is rather easy. If you do not have a computer, you could use your phone or even cyber cafe.
(*) Check your eligibility. You should have a High school education or 2 years of job experience that requires at least 2 years of training. If you are not eligible, do not worry: get a diploma or job experience and come back the next year. (*) Do not fill in the form right away. First, familiarize yourself with the questions here: . You must fill in the form accurately, so it is better to have some training before. (*) Take a selfie under daylight and get a 600x600 pixel photo not exceeding 240 kb: . (*) Already have a photo? Remember that it should be taken in the last 6 months. Check other parameters at the free DV Lottery photo checker: . (*) Fill in the form by yourself on the official Department of State website: . Do not trust this task to any agencies. (*) Keep your confirmation number. (*) If you are married, ask your spouse to submit a separate entry. You can also ask your other relatives to do so too. This is in accordance with the DV lottery rules, although your relatives must be eligible for the program themselves. (*) Check your entry in May.
Good luck in your entry!

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