Author 2023-09-28

The DV Lottery 2025 Begins On October 4, 2023

Here comes your new chance to live in the USA! The DV Lottery entry period occurs every October and early November, with exact dates varying each year. Let's find out what they are for this year.

When to submit your form for the Green Card lottery 2025?

In 2023, the DV Lottery entry period, also known as the 'Green Card lottery,' commences on October 4 and concludes on November 7. The Department of State opens the electronic application form for individuals interested in testing their luck.
What is the prize in this raffle? The lucky winners get a chance for an immigration interview at the US Consulate, and if they pass it successfully, they can move to the USA and obtain permanent residency.
The DV lottery application form contains only 14 questions about you. If you answer them truthfully, you may become one of the 55,000 winners selected for an immigration interview, which may take place six months or later. Please note that paper application forms are no longer accepted, and the only way to apply is through the Department of State website ( ). Forms submitted on any other websites will not be considered by the US immigration service.
On November 7 the entries will be closed, so find time before that to submit your form.

Get a correct DV lottery photo online!

All of the applicant’s photos in the DV Lottery entry are verified by specialized software. If your photo doesn't match at least one requirement, the program won't be able to detect your face, and your application will be rejected.
For your form, you will need a 600x600 pixel photo not exceeding 240 kb on a plain background. Where to get one? While professional photo studios are a common choice, you can also entrust this task to a specialized DV lottery photo maker.
You can easily snap a picture with your smartphone or camera against any background, and then upload it here to instantly receive a compliant photo for the DV Lottery entry form: . Visafoto will adjust the size, background, and format, right down to the smallest details like head size and eye position. You'll receive a ready-to-submit digital photo that meets all requirements.
Before uploading your picture, ensure it meets the following criteria:
(*) The photo displays a full-face with a neutral facial expression and forward-looking eyes. (*) There are no pronounced shadows on your face. (*) You don’t wear glasses, uniform or head covering (except for religious or medical reasons).

What are my chances to win the Green Card Lottery?

Your chances to be selected in the drawing vary widely depending on several factors, including the number of entries submitted, the region you are applying from, and the specific rules and quotas for the lottery in any given year. To estimate your chances of success numerically, you can review the statistics of DV Lottery winners by country ( ).
The selection process is entirely random. Being selected in one year doesn't affect your chances in future years, as each year's lottery is a separate event.

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