Author 2019-08-03

Additional requirements for the Green Card Lottery

Do you need any money in the bank account, do you need a job offer, needed age, needed language skills? And more.
In the previous article we wrote about major requirements for taking part in the DV Lottery Program. Today we want to talk about various additional criteria.

Financial requirements for the Diversity Visa Lottery

One of the big questions: do I need a certain amount of money in the bank account, if yes, then how much, and how do I need to prove my financial wellbeing? The answer is no, there are no any financial requirements for the DV Lottery application and neither for visa issuance. But you should understand that you need money to move to the USA.

Minimal age and English level skills for participation in the DV Lottery

People of any age can take part in the lottery, though the minimum educational requirements, which we described in detail in the previous article, effectively disqualify those who are under 18 in most cases.
Also there are no requirements for English language knowledge: you don’t have to speak, read, or write English to take part in the lottery. But living in the USA without English is pretty hard, so you should start learning it if you don’t speak it good enough.

Current status, relatives and other criteria

Even if you are already in the United States under one of the visa types, but you are still not a Green Card holder, then you are eligible for the DV lottery. You don’t have to have a job in the U.S. and you don’t need a job offer from an American employer.
You do not need to have relatives the USA, and if you have them, it does not matter.
So, you don’t have to have any special things, money, relatives, etc. All you need is to meet the main qualifications as an immigrant we talked about in detail in the past article: country of birth, education level or work experience.
Also don’t forget that one of the common reasons for disqualification is an incorrect photo. Make it correctly using the online service at

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